This is the official website for the Braden River High School Pirate Battalion and its many teams. Information about the various teams as well as important documents can be found on this website. 

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2021-2022 School year

September 25: SMA Raiders Comp✔️

October 9: County Raiders Comp✔️

October 20: Voice of Democracy ✔️

October 22: Football Game✔️

October 30: Area 5 raider comp✔️

November 12-13: State Raiders Comp✔️

December 1: Company Photos✔️

December 9: Platoon and Squad

December 11: JV Raider

January 7-8: Campout

January 15: MLK Parade

January 27: County Rifle 2

February 5: UT Drill Comp

February 10: Formal Inspection 

February 12: County Drill Comp

February 17: County Rifle 3

February 26: Let 1 Drill Comp

March 5 A5 Drill Comp

March 10: Military Ball

March 31: County Rifle 4

April 2: State Drill